Assisting Oklahoma Veterans With VA Disability Claims

Many military veterans encounter barriers when seeking disability benefits for service-related injury or illness. The Veterans Administration rules and red tape can make it difficult to qualify for benefits, and many vets who do get approved are shortchanged because of a low medical rating.

My law practice, Ray Lahann, Attorney of Tulsa, advocates for vets in the Tulsa area and throughout Oklahoma. I can help you prepare your VA disability claim to give you the best chance of approval. I can intervene and fight for you if your claim is denied or your approved benefits do not reflect your level of impairment.

Authorized To Serve Those Who Served
I am accredited by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs as a Veterans Service Officer (VSO) to assist vets with disability claims and related health care benefits.

Skilled Help With The Complexities Of Veterans Disability Benefits

The Veterans Administration provides disability benefits to current and former service members who (a) became sick or injured while serving or (b) whose military service aggravated an existing medical condition. VA disability benefits can be awarded for physical impairments and illnesses, for mental health conditions related to service such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), or a combination of conditions.

Benefits are based on a rating by the VA’s approved doctors, and awards are typically tied to a specific body part. Many times the veteran will be approved for one ailment (such as a herniated disc) but turned down for another condition (such as knee injury or depression). If the total VA rating reaches a certain threshold, active duty service members can also qualify for TRICARE health insurance for themselves and their family.

My role is to help clients appeal a low rating to get a higher benefit award and/or to qualify for TRICARE coverage. I draw on 15 years of experience in disability and injury law to challenge the VA findings or bolster the medical evidence in favor of my clients.

A Voice For Veterans

At Ray Lahann, Attorney of Tulsa, we are proud to stand up for U.S. veterans who have sacrificed so much. I will personally handle your VA disability claim or appeal and keep you informed at every stage of the legal process. Start with a free initial consultation. Call my Tulsa office at 918-392-7077 or contact me online.