Workplace accidents: Worker injured by falling drywall sheets

On Behalf of | Mar 4, 2015 | Workplace Accidents

Oklahoma construction workers are likely reminded of the safety hazards they face whenever they learn about the death or serious injury of a worker on another construction site. Providing safe work environments and following prescribed safety regulations are the responsibilities of company owners. Unfortunately, many employers give preference to profits over the safety of their workers, and workers are sometimes unable to rely on their employers to protect them from workplace accidents.

A construction worker on a work site in another state recently suffered serious injuries while working on a luxury apartment. A spokesman for the New York Fire Department reported that the worker tried to remove one sheet from a stack of drywall sheets inside an apartment. Unexpectedly, three of the heavy sheets toppled from the stack and landed on the worker.

It was reported that three co-workers lifted the drywall sheets to free the injured man. The media report provided no information related to the nature of the worker’s injuries. An investigation by OSHA will likely follow to determine whether the construction company violated any safety regulations that led to the workplace injuries.

Construction company owners in Oklahoma who recognize the importance of their employees to the success of their businesses typically follow safety regulations and provide proper training in hopes of avoiding workplace accidents. However, workers who have suffered on-the-job injuries may pursue compensation for medical expenses and lost income, regardless of the causes of the accidents. In cases in which injuries cause partial or permanent disabilities, workers’ compensation may provide additional financial aid.

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