An Overview Of Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation

Injuries that occur on the job are the responsibility of the employer. If you are hurt on the job, your employer provides the medical treatment, pays you for your time off and owes you a permanent award for a lasting disability from the injury. Employers and insurance carriers can be difficult in these situations and often injuries, although happening on the job, can be contested, in whole or in part. Employers will often challenge legitimately reported on-the-job injuries.

Medical treatment is expensive. After an on-the-job injury, your employer is responsible for 100 percent of the medical bills with no copays or partial payments by the injured worker. Medical bills have a habit of slipping through the cracks. In addition to getting you the best medical care possible, we make sure all the medical bills are paid for by the employer.

I have been representing injured workers in Tulsa and northeast Oklahoma for 15 years. I know most of the physicians who operate under workers’ compensation. Knowing when to get a second opinion and who to seek it from is very important in a work injury. You can count on me for that kind of guidance and service.

Your Advocate In A Complex Legal System

In many cases, the law is written to favor employers over the rights of injured workers by forcing you through a complex, deadline-driven process when you may not be in a position to advocate for yourself. That’s where we come in. The law firm of  Ray Lahann, Attorney of Tulsa will help you understand your case no matter the circumstance surrounding your injury including:

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What We Do For Injured Workers

When you are off work for an injury or under light duty restrictions, you are eligible for an off-work workers’ compensation benefit called Temporary Total Disability (TTD). This is a weekly payment that compensates you for your time off work. Employers often admit the injury and provide medical treatment, but fail to provide the injured worker with any payments while they are being treated. We can correct that through our cases.

When you have an injury that will affect you for the rest of your life, you are due an award for your permanent disability. Even if your employer has provided treatment and off-work benefits, they will often offer a fraction of what Oklahoma law says you are owed. A large part of our services is collecting and maximizing these permanent awards from work-related injuries.

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