Workplace injuries caused by high voltage in traffic light pole

On Behalf of | Sep 1, 2015 | Workplace Injuries

Company owners in all industries in Oklahoma must do hazard assessments before commencement of work projects. A source of many workplace injuries is electricity, and by identifying potential risks and addressing them, injuries can be avoided. Employers must also ensure that workers are aware of the dangers and are trained in proper work ethics in areas in which electricity may pose a safety risk.

Two workers in another state were recently injured in a workplace accident that could likely have been avoided had safety regulations been observed. As part of their duties for a painting company, the workers were reportedly painting the pole of a traffic light. Not many details were made available, but it was reportedly determined that both workers were exposed to a high voltage electrical charge.

The workers — ages 29 and 24 respectively — suffered serious burn and other injuries. Rescue workers were called to the scene, and initial treatments to stabilize the injured victims were provided at a nearby hospital. A helicopter then transported them to a burn center. No update on their conditions was reported.

According to police reports, an investigation into this workplace accident is underway. Electrical burns can have devastating consequences and can impact the remainder of a victim’s life. Oklahoma workers who have suffered workplace injuries of any kind may pursue compensation for medical expenses and lost income. This is done by filing a benefits claim with the workers’ compensation insurance fund. Workers whose injuries brought about temporary or permanent disabilities may be entitled to additional monetary relief.

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