Man in critical condition after electrocution

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2017 | Workplace Accidents

People in Oklahoma who work in jobs and industries known to be highly dangerous should not expect to be injured in worksite accidents simply because of these risks. Instead, they should be able to feel confident that their employers and management teams properly adhere to all safety regulations, train all workers in the right procedures and enforce following those procedures.

Any job that involves working with electricity is certainly one in which workers know exceptional care is required. One of the concerns for people who work with or near electrical items or power lines is the threat of electrocution. Sadly, electrocution is exactly what three employees of a traffic and lighting company experienced recently in Oklahoma City. One of the three workers is actually in critical condition after he went into an immediate cardiac arrest upon receiving the electrical shock.

The workers were involved in working with a light pole that was made of metal. While moving the pole, it touched some electrical lines that were hanging above the area being worked in. The metal pole acted as a conductor sending electricity down to the people holding the pole. The other two workers were burned but were able to walk and stand. It is not known if any safety violations were noted in the event.

Workers who are involved in accidents on the job might find talking with an attorney a useful way to learn about their compensation options.

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