Fatal workplace injury in oilfield kills 35-year-old worker

On Behalf of | Dec 27, 2017 | Workplace Accidents

Workers in the Oklahoma oil fields face multiple life-threatening hazards on a daily basis. For that reason, compliance with prescribed safety regulations is vital. The slightest violation can lead to the loss of life. Safety authorities are investigating a fatal workplace injury that occurred in Okmulgee County on a recent Thursday morning.

According to a report by the police, they received an emergency call at approximately 10:30 a.m. to inform them of a fallen oil derrick that caused injuries. Reportedly, a worker wearing a harness was at the top of the tower, pulling up sucker rods from the well. Co-workers say they saw the platform shaking before it tipped over.

Officers reported that the 35-year-old man was killed when the falling tower struck the ground. The compliance inspectors of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration will determine what caused the derrick to fall. At the same time, they will likely focus on the possibility that a safety violation led to the fatal accident.

Whenever an oilfield worker suffers a fatal workplace injury in Oklahoma, the surviving family members may be entitled to claim financial assistance through the workers’ compensation insurance system for the state. Navigating claims for death benefits could be tricky at such a difficult time. However, the support and guidance of an experienced workers’ compensation attorney can help to ease the process. Survivors’ benefits typically provide coverage of the end-of-life expenses along with a percentage of the deceased worker’s average weekly wage to assist with daily financial obligations.

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