Know the steps to take after workplace injuries

On Behalf of | Mar 18, 2019 | Workplace Injuries

Every workplace poses safety hazards regardless of the industry. Working on an oil rig or a construction site might be hazardous, but so is working in a hospital or an office. All Oklahoma workers must be familiar with the steps to take in the event of workplace injuries. Even if injuries seem minor, hidden symptoms might lead to workers’ compensation claims down the road.

Reporting the injury to a supervisor or employer is crucial and should be done as soon as the injured worker has received the necessary medical care. It is also important to know whether an injured worker can go to his or her own doctor or a doctor chosen by the employer. The doctor must be informed that it is a work-related injury to ensure the necessary documentation will be available if a claim arises.

In some cases, considerable time passes before a benefits claim is filed, and it might be smart for the injured worker to keep a detailed log. Recording the exact details of what happened and what followed is vital. The notes must include all consultations with doctors and therapists, the traveling to and from medical facilities, and the days and hours away from work.

The administrative and legal proceedings of a workers’ compensation claim can seem daunting, but help is available. Victims of workplace injuries can utilize the skills of an Oklahoma attorney who has experience in dealing with employers and state-regulated insurance providers. Along with medical expenses, benefits typically include a portion of lost wages, with additional benefits for those whose injuries caused disabilities.