First day back at work is a risk factor for workplace injuries

On Behalf of | May 13, 2019 | Workplace Injuries

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, returning to work after a period of absence come with many risks. Recorded injury data of workers nationwide, including Oklahoma, shows an increased likelihood of workplace injuries on Mondays, which is often the first day back at work after absence due to days off, vacation or an injury. Safety authorities say one of the reasons for this could be a lack of focus and low energy levels.

It is noted that the first few hours on most Mondays are hectic in most workplaces, and workers who return after an extended period might not be focused on safety just yet. Things that happened during their time away from work could occupy their minds. In some cases, circumstances at home can create stress that might be distracting.

One way for a returning worker to get his or her mind focused on the job might be to carry out an inspection of his or her workstation, including all the tools and equipment, before working with it. Checking the presence of all the necessary safeguards before work commences is crucial. Returning workers might need a few days to get their heads in the game and focus on job safety.

Victims of workplace injuries in Oklahoma are typically eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. In some cases, workers who return after on-the-job injuries need lighter duties until full recovery, allowing gradual exposure to hazards. Workplace accident victims who utilize the skills of an experienced workers’ compensation attorney might have increased chances of obtaining maximum benefits under applicable laws.