Workplace injuries to hands can affect quality of life

On Behalf of | Jan 22, 2020 | Workplace Injuries

Some workers in Oklahoma don’t take sufficient care of their hands, which are obviously a crucial part of performing most job responsibilities. Workplace injuries can cause amputations of fingers and even entire hands, often leaving workers unable to continue working in the same occupation. Amputations and other serious injuries have a significant impact on the victim’s overall quality of life.

Hand injuries are among the most frequently reported workplace injuries even though gloves are often included as personal protective equipment on work sites. Lacerations and puncture wounds make up the majority of work-related hand injuries, followed by crush injuries and fractures caused by blows to the hand or when a worker uses his or her hands to brace against a fall. Hands are also injured in many work-related motor vehicle accidents.

Insufficient personal protection for the type of work performed is often to blame for hand injuries. While some gloves can prevent cuts and lacerations, they may not prevent puncture wounds caused by sharp objects. Crush injuries are also common, often happening when tasks involve working with equipment without adequate protection or safeguards to prevent contact with moving or rotating parts. A hand caught in a machine could easily result in an amputation.

Most workplace injuries are preventable; nevertheless, hand injuries continue to occur and affect the lives of many Oklahoma workers. When this happens, victims are typically eligible for workers’ compensation benefits, regardless of who was at fault. An attorney with experience in dealing with injured workers can provide valuable assistance to ensure that maximum benefits under applicable laws are paid.