Back injuries and workers’ compensation

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

Back injuries rank among the least desirable issues to have. Even a minor back problem could require someone to miss work and spend significant time attempting to recover. With severe back injuries, an Oklahoma worker might need months to heal and may face surgery. Concerns about missing work might worry full-time employees who become incapacitated. However, a successful workers’ compensation claim may provide a financial solution.

Back injuries in the workplace

One of the most common ways people suffer back injuries involves trying to lift too much. Numerous jobs require heavy lifting, and a worker’s ill-advised decision to deadlift more than they can handle could result in an acute injury.

Sometimes, improper body form might lead to strain and a resulting injury. Someone who grabs a heavy object without thinking about their muscular or skeletal positioning could get hurt even when the weight is something they are used to lifting.

Back injuries may also result from repetitive motion. Repeating lifting things could result in the back slowly suffering from problems. Then, without warning, the worker experiences pain, discomfort, and other troubling issues.

Sometimes, a few days of rest could be enough to deal with back problems. Even so, times from work could cause financial concerns. Those who undergo surgery could be several weeks or more away from their job, making their financial situation untenable.

Workers comp as a solution

An Oklahoma workers’ compensation claim may assist injury victims worried about their fiscal situation. A successful claim for a covered job-related injury might help someone overcome some of their financial struggles while recovering.

Properly completing and timely submitting a claim could help to avoid any problems. However, an initial denial of a claim does not necessarily mean the process ends. Filing a successful appeal could overturn an undesirable first result.