3 ways to protect your workers’ compensation claim

On Behalf of | Dec 2, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

Workers’ compensation benefits exist to provide financial relief to employees injured on the job. You may be entitled to these benefits if you suffer an accident when discharging your work duties. However, nothing is guaranteed.

You must take appropriate steps and follow the proper legal procedures. Otherwise, your claim may be denied, leaving you to deal with the aftermath of the workplace accident alone. Here is what you need to do to increase your chances of landing workers’ compensation benefits.

1. Document your accident

It helps to keep a detailed record of the events and circumstances that led to your workplace accident. Photos, witness testimony and surveillance footage can help shed light on what happened should there be doubts or uncertainties about the accident.

2. Adhere to the claim timelines

Specific deadlines apply to workers’ compensation claims in Oklahoma, and you must observe them for a successful claim. For instance, you have 30 days to inform your employer of the accident. Your claim might be denied if you go beyond the stipulated window.

In addition, workers’ compensation claims are subject to the statute of limitations. You cannot file a claim one year after your workplace accident as your claim will be time-barred. It is worth noting that different timelines apply to claims related to occupational diseases or infections.

3. Seek medical attention

A doctor’s evaluation of your injuries is crucial to the claims process. It can be hard to ascertain the nature and extent of your injuries without a medical report. Most importantly, ensure that your employer approves of your treating doctor unless it is an emergency or if your employer fails to provide a doctor within seven days of giving them notice of your injuries.

Learn more about your rights

Lastly, the importance of having legal representation as soon as you suffer a workplace accident cannot be overstated. Do not wait until you start encountering difficulties to reach out for help since the damage may have already been done.