Workers killed in Oklahoma industrial accident

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2014 | Workplace Accidents

It is a bad week in Oklahoma for the industrial field. Two workers were killed in a factory accident, while another suffered injuries in the incident.

On Monday afternoon, authorities received a call that an explosion took place at Mid American Steel & Wire in Marshall County. Workers didn’t escape the dangers in this specific situation, suggesting that there’s a need for a safety investigation and possible improvements.

Working in an industry with gases, hazardous substances, large machinery and fire might not sound like the safest of jobs. However, workers at a steel factory still are owed a certain level of protection and safety.

Reports indicate that the explosion occurred following an injection around a molten substance. Were all safety protocols followed prior to the work accident? OSHA is on the case and examining the circumstances surrounding the recent fatal blast.

Families of the explosion victims deserve to know why they lost their loved ones. The victim who survived the boom deserves to know why he’s enduring this hardship.

Identifying the cause of the accident isn’t only about the families and this specific tragedy. It is about employees who continue to work at the Oklahoma factory, their safety and their families’ futures. If something went wrong that could and should have been avoided on Monday, the workers deserve an updated level of protection on the job.

Workers who feel that they’ve been victimized by lax safety regulations and hazardous conditions at work should talk to a workers’ compensation lawyer in their community who will explain their legal options.

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