How do military veterans apply for disability benefits?

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2023 | VA Disability

Veterans are people who served in a branch of the military. The United States has a program providing veterans disability benefits for those who qualify. However, veterans in Oklahoma seeking these benefits must complete several actions to qualify for the program.

Gathering verification documents

The first crucial step in this process is meeting the eligibility requirements set forth by the Department of Veterans Affairs. For instance, you must gather and present evidence to support any disabilities or medical conditions incurred through your service. This evidence can include your military service and medical records.

Filing your claim

The Department of Veterans Affairs allows qualifying applicants to file VA disability claims online or by submitting a VA Form 21-526EZ. After completing this form, you must mail it to your nearest regional VA office.

Completing an examination

You may also have to complete a compensation and pension examination (C&P exam) to qualify for VA benefits. The exact nature of each exam can vary from claim to claim. However, you can expect a medical provider to perform basic tests and inquire about the extent of your service-related disabilities.

Waiting for a decision

With all information submitted and potential exams completed, those applying for benefits must await a decision from the Department of Veterans Affairs. The time it takes for this organization to finalize and notify someone of a decision can vary based on its current caseload. However, 120 to 150 days is a safe time estimation to assume.

Applying for veterans’ disability benefits can ensure those who served their country gain access to financial compensation, adequate healthcare, education opportunities, tax-related exemptions and assistance with buying a home. While this process can be labor and time-intensive, the benefits are worthwhile for many veterans.