Workplace injury leads to death when forklift punctures GNC tank

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2014 | Workplace Accidents

Losing a loved one, regardless of their age, is a distressing experience. To see that person leave for work and never come back again can produce unexpected anxiety along with financial hardship. When a worker in Oklahoma dies as the result of a workplace injury, not only will the family have to cope without the companionship of their loved one, they will also have to deal with the loss of income and final expenses related to the death.

A 59-year-old man from a manufacturing company in another state was recently traveling in a leased compressed natural gas (CNG) box truck. He was transporting a forklift that slid and pierced the CNG tank, whereupon the tank exploded. The impact of the explosion killed the driver instantly and critically injured the 29-year-old passenger. A press report stated that the passenger’s injuries were not life threatening.

The rupture of the tank caused a blast but did not result in a fire. It was reported that, apart from the puncture, the CNG tank seemed in perfect order. An investigation is underway, and the sheriff’s office indicated that the accident scene will be reconstructed.

When Oklahoma residents lose a loved one as a result of a workplace injury, they may retain the right to claim benefits from workers’ compensation benefits. In this case, the worker was not on the premises of his employer, but he died while performing duties as part of his job. The family may benefit from obtaining knowledge related to the legalities of such an accident. If the workers’ compensation claim is successful, the next of kin may receive compensation to cover end-of-life expenses, along with a portion of lost wages and survivor benefits.

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