Oklahoma worker suffers workplace injury because of tipped crane

On Behalf of | May 27, 2014 | Workplace Accidents

Construction workers in Oklahoma are likely aware of the dangers associated with their profession. They are largely dependent on their employers’ compliance to the strict safety regulations as prescribed by OSHA. When employers disregard any safety regulations, the work environment may become unsafe and could result in a workplace injury. In such cases, steep OSHA penalties may result.

The chief of the Norman Fire Department reported a recent response to a construction accident emergency. Upon arrival at the church that was under construction, emergency crews found that a crane had tipped sideways, which caused its basket to crash into the church. One injured worker was trapped in the crane basket when the incident occurred.

The injured worker was swiftly removed from the basket and transported to a hospital within an hour. Fire department workers managed to secure the crane by pulling it upright. Although the only reported injury was a broken limb, this could still result in extensive medical costs and time spent away from work.

Construction workers in Oklahoma may be aware that they can not file a claim against their employers – except under specific circumstances. However, they retain the right to claim benefits from the workers’ compensation insurance fund. If the process seems intimidating, these individuals are free to utilize available assistance to pursue their claim. Following a workplace injury, workers’ compensation benefits typically cover medical expenses and a portion of lost wages. Under particular circumstances where the victim suffers long-lasting effects of injuries, the fund may award additional benefits.

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