Coal mine workers suffer workplace injuries at unused mine

On Behalf of | Aug 20, 2014 | Workplace Injuries

Mine workers in Oklahoma are likely aware of the many potential hazards associated with mining operations. Workplace safety is an important part of the duties for which supervisors are responsible. There are strict regulations in place to avoid workplace injuries, and mine authorities are required to ensure that their workers are provided with adequate safety training and the necessary protective clothing.

A recent incident at a coal mine in another state resulted in burn injuries to six workers. The mining company reported that the mine has been inactive for some months, and the site was being prepared for reactivation. The workers were apparently moving about an area near an unused silo where lignite was stored. Lignite is a combustible sedimentary rock, often referred to as brown coal.

The circumstances are not clear, but without warning, the workers came upon some hot debris and suffered burn injuries to their legs and hands. After initial on-site treatment, the six workers were rushed to the hospital from where five were transferred to another medical facility. Their conditions were reported to be stable. The Mine Safety and Health Administration is reported to be investigating the accident and monitoring the mining company’s level of compliance with safety regulations as prescribed.

Mine workers in Oklahoma who have suffered workplace injuries may find comfort in knowing that the aim of the workers’ compensation insurance fund is to provide financial aid to injured workers. In addition to high medical costs, long periods of absence from work may bring about financial difficulties. Successful claims may yield benefits to cover medical expenses, along with a portion of lost wages. Workers who have had their claims denied may want to obtain professional assistance to resolve the issue.

Source:, “Luminant releases statement on ETX coal mine incident with injuries“, Michael Wesp, Aug. 14, 2014

Source:, “Luminant releases statement on ETX coal mine incident with injuries“, Michael Wesp, Aug. 14, 2014