The rights of victims of multiple debilitating workplace injuries

On Behalf of | Aug 6, 2015 | Workplace Injuries

Oklahoma workers who have suffered multiple injuries in on-the-job accidents during their career may not be aware that they may qualify for additional compensation. If a worker who is already physically impaired as the result of prior workplace injuries suffers severe injuries in a subsequent workplace accident, he or she may be entitled to be compensated by the Multiple Injury Trust Fund (MITF). Provided the second injury is also debilitating and the combination of both injuries cause greater material damage than the disability caused only by the subsequent injury, the worker may have a claim to receive additional compensation.

The MITF is funded by taxes that are obtained from every successful workers’ compensation settlement or award. A portion of the taxes goes into the trust fund that is maintained to assist workers who have suffered multiple on-the-job injuries over their years of employment. Although compensation by the MITF is available to qualifying workers, the procedures for pursuing such compensation are complicated.

Oklahoma workers who have suffered career-ending injuries on top of previous debilitating injuries may find comfort knowing that one of the members of the legal team at Lowell & Lahann is an experienced Tulsa Multiple Injury Trust Fund attorney. Ray Lahann is particularly experienced in the regulations and requirements that govern MITF claims, and he is also familiar with the tactics utilized by the fund’s defense attorneys. The law firm of Lowell & Lahann has a sound success rate with obtaining compensation for workers who are no longer able to pursue their careers.

In some cases, we can pursue MITF compensation immediately upon conclusion of a worker’s final workers’ compensation injury claim. Our experience maximizes the chances for success by addressing the potential complexities of multiple injury claims. MITF compensation is in addition to workers’ compensation awards as well as social security benefits. Victims of workplace injuries in Oklahoma can be assured of our support and guidance throughout the proceedings of any workers’ compensation claims.