Scaffold collapse causes significant workplace injuries to 2

On Behalf of | Mar 9, 2016 | Workplace Injuries

Construction sites in Oklahoma and across the country are, unsurprisingly, some of the most dangerous workplace environments. A vast array of hazards exists, and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration imposes strict safety regulations. Unfortunately, not all construction company owners take the required precautions to prevent workplace injuries.

One of the many hazards on construction sites involves scaffolding, and if these structures are not erected in compliance with prescribed safety regulations, the consequences can be devastating. Two workers suffered significant injuries when a scaffold at a construction site in another state recently collapsed. A witness said the workers were on the scaffold close to the top of a building that forms part of a shopping center construction project.

A fire department spokesperson said the workers were approximately 30 feet from the ground when the scaffold collapsed. Both of them landed on the asphalt. Emergency treatment was provided by firefighters before the workers were transported to a medical facility. Reportedly, OSHA has launched an investigation into the scaffold collapse to determine whether safety regulations were followed in the erection of the structure and what, if any, fall protection was provided to the employees.

The injured workers may have to spend some time in the hospital and at home to recuperate after suffering workplace injuries. The financial impact of the medical expenses and lost wages can be significant. Fortunately, compensation may be pursued by filing workers’ compensation benefits claims. The Oklahoma workers’ compensation insurance program typically covers both of these losses if it is confirmed that the injuries were work related.

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