Role of Workers’ Compensation Attorneys in Injury Claims

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2017 | Workplace Accidents

Oklahoma state workers’ compensation laws cover virtually all employees who get involved in workplace accidents. Exceptional parties include independent contractors, sole proprietors, partnership members, and a few others defined by OSHA. Most employers provide a workers compensation insurance cover to their employees. They can also meet this obligation by either joining a group self-insurance scheme or insuring themselves as own-risk employers. Whichever the plan your employer opts, he or she must provide full benefits as stipulated by the law.

For convenience in handling workers’ compensation claims, it is advisable to notify your employer as soon as possible. You should report the incident within 30 days, and medical treatment should be offered within this period. If the claim involves occupational disease or disorders from repeated trauma, you must issue a notice to the employer 90 days before the termination of your services. The company should provide medical treatment immediately after receiving the injury notice. The employer chooses the treating physician qualified to provide the necessary medical care. However, you can seek services from a doctor of your choice in case of emergency or if your employer neglects you or fails to act within seven days.

Most on the job injuries occur due to an unsafe working environment. Poor conditions can result in slip and fall accidents, ladder falls, mine collapse, etc. It is the responsibility of the employer to take precaution measures to ensure that all workers are safe. Others happen due to faulty appliances or negligent operating of machinery. Such behavior could be intentional, careless or a result of working while under the influence. If it is evident that you were responsible for hurting yourself, you do not get any compensation benefits.

Your employer or the insurance company caters for medical expenses and temporary disability or off work benefits till you can resume work. However, most companies are reluctant to offset these costs. When this occurs to you, the best way out is filing a lawsuit. A skilled workers’ compensation lawyer can advocate for the just compensation package for you. The attorney could file further claims if the accident occurred due to operating faulty machinery.

To prevent exploitation, contact experienced Tulsa workplace injury attorneys immediately after an accident on the job.