OSHA’s guidelines for portable ladders

On Behalf of | May 31, 2017 | Workplace Injuries

If your job requires that you use portable ladders in Oklahoma, you will want to ensure that you are familiar with the safety guidelines required for using these pieces of equipment on a worksite. It is also important that your employer properly educate you and your co-workers to help you all stay safe.

As explained by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, one of the cardinal rules of working with ladders is to inspect a ladder before you position it or step on it every single time. This will give you the chance to spot any damage to the ladder or the presence of slippery items or other hazards and take care of them before using the ladder. Looking  up is also advised to ensure the ladder will not come into contact with dangerous items above, especially if those items are electrical wires. Metal ladders should never be used in proximity to electrical poles.

When on a ladder, never turn your back to the ladder and always keep at least two hands and one foot or one hand and two feet on the ladder at all times. Check the ladder’s maximum weight rating and do not surpass that. Be aware that this rating involves not just your body weight but the weight of any tools you will use as well.

If you would like to learn more about the regulations set forth by OSHA for the proper use of portable ladders on a job worksite, please feel free to visit the OSHA laws and guidelines page of our Oklahoma workplace injury website.