Workplace injuries: The hazards of road construction zones

On Behalf of | Oct 16, 2017 | Workplace Injuries

Road construction zones in Oklahoma and other states will always be hazardous areas. This was underscored again when two workers were struck by cars moving through construction zones in another state. The accidents occurred within three days of one another. It is not only the heavy equipment that these workers use that pose risks of workplace injuries but also the vehicles that travel through the areas.

A coordinator for road safety in that state said this is a particularly busy time for work crews because many projects must be completed before winter. One man was fixing potholes years ago when he was struck by a drunk driver. His son says he is often amazed at the disregard other drivers show for the safety of road construction workers. He says these workers put their lives on the line to make the roads safer for those who do not consider the safety of the workers.

Authorities say one construction worker is in critical condition after a 78-year-old woman knocked him down on a recent Wednesday. She was suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol. Only two days later, another worker was putting up a construction sign when he was struck by a car.Reportedly, a driver who was distracted for a moment failed to notice a stopped car ahead of her in the construction zone and slammed into it. That car then hit the worker.

Accidents in road construction zones can cause life-threatening injuries. It is not uncommon for such workplace injuries to be catastrophic or even fatal. In Oklahoma, victims of such accidents — or the surviving family members of deceased workers — can pursue financial assistance. The workers’ compensation insurance program provides benefits to cover medical expenses and lost income — or end-of-life expenses along with a wage-replacement package.

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