Asbestos removal contractor suffers workplace injuries in fall

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2017 | Workplace Injuries

Construction workers in Oklahoma face multiple hazards whenever they are on building sites. Scaffolding is particularly dangerous, and a significant number of workplace injuries result from collapses and other defects in scaffold structures. The fire department of Tulsa reported a recent incident in which a construction worker was injured.

Reportedly, emergency services were called to a construction site at which a building is being remodeled into a hotel. Reportedly, a contractor who was involved in asbestos removal fell from the scaffold and suffered serious injuries. According to his employer, the incident occurred immediately after a safety meeting when the worker got onto the scaffold platform.

It is suspected that the latch of a scaffold gate malfunctioned, but the investigation by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration will determine the actual cause and also whether it resulted from a safety violation. Authorities say the man fell approximately 15 feet, and he was rushed to a hospital with open head wounds. Although paramedics say the injured victim was unresponsive when he was transported to the hospital, co-workers say he appeared alert, and he was talking immediately after the fall.

Oklahoma workers who suffer workplace injuries might be eligible to file claims for workers’ compensation benefits. Doing this while fighting to stay alive after such an accident might be easier with the help of an experienced Oklahoma workers’ compensation attorney. A lawyer can handle the administrative and legal procedures of the claims process. Benefits typically include coverage for medical expenses along with a wage-replacement package for a percentage of lost income during temporary disability.

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