Typical workplace injuries that lead to benefits claims

On Behalf of | Mar 4, 2018 | Workplace Injuries

Oklahoma, like other states, requires employers to carry workers’ compensation insurance. Victims of workplace injuries can typically claim benefits to cover doctors’ bills, hospital stays, physical therapy and other medical expenses. Compensation is usually also available for a portion of lost wages, along with vocational rehabilitation for those whose injuries caused disabilities that prevent them from returning to their usual occupations.

Although the list of possible accidents across all industries is endless, some types of injuries make up the majority of workers’ compensation claims. Vehicle accidents are said to be the primary cause of employee deaths, and this includes not only commercial truck drivers but anybody whose work duties include driving. Next on the list are slips and trips, which can happen just as quickly on a construction site as in an office, sometimes leading to serious injuries.

Injuries caused by exposed electrical circuits are prevalent, proving that electricians are not the only ones who can suffer electrical shocks. Equipment poses another threat — heavy construction equipment, machines used in manufacturing, forklift trucks and many other devices can cause severe injuries, and related claims are numerous. Musculoskeletal injuries often result from materials handling that includes lifting, carrying, placing, lowering, pushing and pulling of heavy or awkwardly shaped objects.

Oklahoma workers who are victims of these or any other workplace injuries must report an incident to their employers as soon as possible. It can start the wheels rolling for a workers’ compensation claim for benefits. Many injured workers choose to use the services of an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to navugate the claims process.

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