Workplace injuries: What is the Multiple Injury Trust Fund?

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2018 | Workplace Injuries

Injured employees in Oklahoma are entitled to financial assistance through the workers’ compensation insurance system if their injuries occurred on the job. However, what happens if a worker suffers several workplace injuries throughout his or her career? Will there come a time when the worker is no longer eligible for benefits?

An attorney at the law firm of Lowell & Lahan in Tulsa can answer those and any other questions about workers’ compensation. There is a trust fund that receives taxes that are taken out of every approved benefits claim. The Multiple Injury Trust Fund that sets aside funds especially for victims of multiple workplace injuries.

If you suffer a workplace injury that renders you unable to continue your career, you might be entitled to receive benefits from the MITF. However, this will only apply if you had at least one prior successful workers’ compensation benefits claim. Navigating those claims could be challenging, but help is available. We have an advantage because one of our attorneys previously had the job of representing the MITF, and he gathered valuable knowledge of the tactics that might be used to oppose MITF claims.

The lawyers at Lowell & Lahan have extensive experience and knowledge of the Oklahoma workers’ compensation system and the Multiple Injury Trust Fund. We will assess your circumstances and explain your rights and the benefits you might receive. We can address the typical complications and navigate the entire claims process. With our guidance and support, we will help you to maximize your chances of achieving fair compensation for the workplace injuries you suffered.