What are the most prevalent causes of fatal workplace injuries?

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2019 | Workplace Injuries

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 466 lives are lost per day in accidental deaths. While these numbers are not limited to occupational deaths, workplace injuries make up a significant percentage of the fatalities. The National Safety Council responded by stating that there are no such things as accidents. A spokesperson says not enough is done across the U.S., including Oklahoma, to prioritize workplace, home and road safety.

Of all the fatal injury categories, the only one to show an increase when compared to previous years is preventable injuries. Safety authorities say the opioid crisis is to blame for this. Reportedly, drug overdoses, auto crashes, falls, drownings, choking incidents and other preventable incidents are the causes of deaths, one of which is reported every three minutes.

Poisoning, which includes drug overdoses, is number one in the top 10 list of preventable deaths, followed by vehicle-related fatalities. Number three and four are falls and suffocation, and then come drownings and fire-related incidents. Mechanical asphyxia is number seven, and this is followed by heat and cold-related deaths. The last two causes of preventable deaths on this list are struck-by injuries and those caused by machinery-related injuries.

Every one of the top ten causes of preventable deaths can happen in unsafe work environments. Oklahoma families who have to deal with the consequences of the deaths of loved ones who suffered fatal workplace injuries might be entitled to pursue survivor’s benefits. The state-regulated workers’ compensation insurance system typically provides financial assistance to surviving family members, and an experienced attorney can help with the legal and administrative steps of benefits claims.