2 types of head trauma that may result in workers’ compensation

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

Head trauma can change a person’s entire life. Many people experience head trauma on the job. When this happens, employees may be eligible for workers’ compensation to help recover from their injuries. 

You may be wondering, what type of head-related injuries can happen at work. There are quite a few injuries that may affect a person’s face, skull or brain, including:

Concussion and whiplash

Many people have jobs where they drive to and from work or they work entirely on the road. The more time people spend on the road, the more likely they are to experience an accident. If someone is in a car accident on the job, then they could experience a concussion or whiplash. 

Whiplash happens when the head rapidly moves back and forth, causing pain in the head, neck and shoulders. Whiplash can sometimes also lead to a concussion – a medical condition caused by a blow to the head or rapid shaking. While these injuries aren’t the same, they can have very similar symptoms, such as confusion, headaches, dizziness and memory issues. 

Facial damage and disfigurement

Some jobs can pose a serious threat to people’s faces. Someone who experiences injuries to their face from a work accident may suffer from nerve damage, blindness, burns or scarring. A worst-case scenario may lead to injuries so severe that it causes disfigurement. When this happens, it may be difficult for employees to find work in other places.

If you were recently injured while working, you may need to know your options for workers’ compensation