A History Of Success In Hearing Loss Claims

Ray Lahann, Attorney of Tulsa has successfully represented many workers who developed partial or complete hearing loss as a result of their employment. Like repetitive stress injuries, hearing loss develops slowly. Because of this gradual onset, and the subjectivity of hearing tests, cases involving hearing loss are extremely complex. A successful hearing loss case can lead to a monetary award plus lifetime hearing aids.

My 15 years of experience with Oklahoma workers’ compensation are your advantage. I know how to document and present your claim to give you the best chance of getting compensated for permanent hearing damage caused by workplace noise.

Proving That Hearing Damage Is Work-Related

The laws surrounding hearing loss are difficult to understand. Employers frequently defend these claims by arguing that your hearing loss occurred simply because of age. Our firm specializes in identifying the work-related exposure and demonstrating the workplace noise aggravated your hearing loss. If your work caused or accelerated your hearing damage then it becomes your employer’s responsibility.

Contact Us For Hearing Loss Representation

Hearing loss claims can result in large permanent awards, as well as lifetime hearing aids provided by your employer. Our firm has a tremendous success rate in recovering these benefits for injured workers.

Having handled many of these claims, Ray Lahann, Attorney of Tulsa can work with you to protect your rights, pursue your claim and maximize your chances for success. Call us today at 918-392-7077 or send an email to discuss your job-related hearing damage.